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Ants, mice, roaches, bedbugs, bees, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, squirrels, and termites are just some of the pests that invade our homes. Buono Pest Control has an array of services geared toward the homeowner. We provide extensive services, such as insect monitoring, rodent proofing, etc. Our conscientious professionals are courteous and take pride in your environment so you can have a pest free living space.


Residential Services We Provide



Subterranean termite damage and repair costs approach two billion dollars a year. Nearly two million homes are damaged annually by termites. By using the Sentricon System you can stop the destruction or prevent significant damage from ever occurring. It is a proven termite colony elimination system that is easy on the environment and less disruptive to your home with no drilling, trenching or scheduling hassles. For more information on the Sentricon System please contact our office.



Do you hear something under your porch? Or scratching in the walls? It could be more than you think. Squirrels, raccoons, bats and skunks are more than a nuisance when they enter our home and workplace and they can cause a substantial amount of damage and are a health hazard. The key to our animal control success is our trained professionals. They will identify entry points, exclude the animal out and repair any damage that has been done.



Buono Pest Control has an extensive bird control and exclusion program. The plan consist of cleaning the area, the proper removal of birds, and the installation of various bird repellents. We also offer bird netting systems to efficiently and economically exclude problem birds from all types of objects, openings, and structures.



Trapping, monitoring, sealing of holes, and assisting the home or business owner in identifying targeted entry points. The three "R's" of rodent control are reason, route, remove. Whether its mice, rats or other pests, we can help you control the rodents in your environment.

1. Get rid of the reason rodents are being attracted... food!

2. Eliminate the route rodents are taking to enter your space.

3. Remove the rodents!


Buono Pest Control provides services for cockroaches, bees, silverfish, ants, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, beetles, spiders, fabric pests, pantry pests, flies and other perimeter invaders. Our focus is on inspecting, identification, monitoring, treatment and recommendations. Treatment does not necessarily mean the use of pesticides, but the increase of sanitation procedures, the repair of maintenance deficiencies and/or trapping. We do not rely on the use of pesticides to solve a pest problem, but rather the knowledge of the insect behavior and biology.


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