Commercial Services

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Buono Pest Control designs each program to suit your establishment; whether you have a restaurant, hotel, condo association, multiple properties, a retail store construction project, museum or other type of workplace. Focusing on the significance of clear and available documentation, designated responsibilities, occupant relations, knowledge of insect behavior and biology, and overall collaborative efforts with an Integrated Pest Management plan we can design a schedule to meet your requirements.


Commercial Areas We Service

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Whether it is mice, cockroaches or those ever so aggressive drain flies, Buono Pest Control has specialized in Animal Facilities for the past 30 years. We have concentrated on the sensitivity and the importance of animal research, while focusing our services into preventive measures. Our trained technicians work with all vivarium staff to maintain a clean, healthy and pest free environment. Our programs include the importance of order entry and detailed reports for all administrations.

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Hospitals, operating rooms, schools, daycares, nursing homes, research labs and health clinics are just some of the environments in which Buono Pest Control specializes. We have maintained these facilities because of our dedication and the respect to not rely on pesticides to solve or prevent a pest problem. Initiating and maintaining an Integrated Pest Management program is the ideal protocol for a healthy and safe environment.

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Buono Pest Control meets all regulations and requirements for warehouses, food processing plants, manufacturing plants and dairies. Initiating and maintaining an Integrated Pest Management program is the ideal protocol for a healthy and safe environment.

Commercial Services We Provide



Buono Pest Control has an extensive bird control and exclusion program. The plan consist of cleaning the area, the proper removal of birds, and the installation of various bird repellents. We also offer bird netting systems to efficiently and economically exclude problem birds from all types of objects, openings, and structures.




Subterranean termite damage and repair costs approach two billion dollars a year. Nearly two million homes are damaged annually by termites. By using the Sentricon System you can stop the destruction or prevent significant damage from ever occurring. It is a proven termite colony elimination system that is easy on the environment and less disruptive to your home with no drilling, trenching or scheduling hassles. For more information on the Sentricon System please contact our office.




Buono Pest Control takes pride in offering pressure washing services to residential and commercial clients for outdoor areas and indoor commercial kitchens. No one wants to see bird droppings on a well landscaped walkway or outdoor living area. Or maybe you need extra help in your commercial kitchen cleaning those hard to get to areas.




Breeding site elimination is the key to successful small fly control. Since small flies can breed inside kitchens, animal labs and other areas and have a very short life cycle, just eliminating adults will not keep the problem under control. Additional adults will emerge daily if the breeding sites are not eliminated. Drain flies typically breed in the scum called "bio-film" which forms in drains and other areas where dirty water runs frequently over an undisturbed surface. Fruit flies can breed in drains too, but drains are only the problem less than 25% of the time. Fruit flies can breed in any crack, crevice, or other areas where food and moisture collect and are undisturbed - all the areas that should be cleaned, but may not be. We have an ideal product and system that are conducive for the elimination of flies.




Trapping, monitoring, sealing of holes, and assisting the home or business owner in identifying targeted entry points. The three "R's" of rodent control are reason, route, remove. Whether its mice, rats or other pests, we can help you control the rodents in your environment.

1. Get rid of the reason rodents are being attracted... food!

2. Eliminate the route rodents are taking to enter your space.

3. Remove the rodents!